15-12-2013, 23:24
Author:  Sofo Dzidziguri

On the 27-28th of November Misha Charkviani  turned phantoms into “humans”, created two-act performance after the same name play by Henrih Ibsen (“Phantoms”). By an example of one ordinary family  the author generalizes such problems as family and human relations, depression, mental disorder, religion, depreciation of faith, idolization on non-existing icons, life clichés and people destroyed by these grips. The play and performance heroes suffer from mental illness, they have different forms of expression, they live in permanent lie and create an illusion of happiness for each other, though all these lead to a fatal result, when people collide with truth! The problems arising in this performance are related our present day. There are clear messages about cause and effect, which future generations always reap for sins of the past.    

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