What is Guria’s fault?!
15-06-2013, 19:39


In the half empty hall of Ozurgeti Theatre we saw Otar Baghaturia’s  visit card play “King Lear in the refuge”, staged by the art director of the theatre Otar Kutaladze. This play has been performed almost on all Georgian stages and the reason is clear. The play permits all generations of the theatre troupe to participate. Basically, this performance is staged as elder artists’ benefit one. Ozurgeti Theatre has elder artists indeed, but they differ from other elder artists by their cheerful appearance, they are full of energy when speak and move on the stage. The most important impression  left by the performance is Ozurgeti Theatre troupe, which has more potential than revealed in this particular performance.  The director Otar Kutaladze refers totally to the literary original source and there is hardly any deviation from the story of the play. Therefore, the story is not lost and one can read all layers of the play (if they exist), though some episodes develop rather slowly. On the whole, it seems that  Ozurgeti Theatre has got a good team, the artists are notable for their correct speech (that is a kind of rarity in the modern Georgian theatre), as well as for their excessive energy and professional development aspiration. At one  glance and according to the first impression such is an image of the theatre, though here, as anywhere else, there both – indifferent and devoted to their profession, it is easily notable in the performance. Ozurgeti Theatre needs an urgent reconstruction. The state should find the way to save the theatre.  



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