“My best friend” - political message to the society
7-06-2013, 19:54
Author:  Tamuna Kamladze

Vano Khucishvili’s performance “My best friend” after the play “Vernisage” by Vaclav Havel  reflects the latest political events in Georgia. The performance shows what is happening in the Georgian political life today, where deception, betrayal, gaining people over and other dirty tricks take place. Today is hard to distinguish who is right and who is wrong.

The director has created a new concept in the performance, he has brought to us everybody’s problems. Extraordinary multiuse decoration, expressive music that underlines gravity of the event  and  the excellent team of young actors, who play half crazy characters, reflect Georgian social- political everyday life with all clarity.

At first glance it seems as if there should be harmony, but behind it tension and fraud are hiding.

With this performance Vano Khucishvili supported Georgian people, took part in the protest against political perversion,  people expect such reaction  from the representatives of art, and especially the theatre.    

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