Play while pending death
29-03-2013, 06:50

Review to the performance, which happened to be fatal and last for the great Georgian actor of theatre and cinema, Otar Meghvinetukhucesi. John Marley’s “Memoirs (1977)” is a play that from the very beginning involves You into offered by the author intrigues and form, which is gradually aggravating  and by the end reaches its apogee. The decision made by the director Irakli Gogia to stage this play in  Marjanishvili Theatre and to offer the roles to Guranda Gabunia and Otar Meghvinetukhucesi was, to my mind, the guarantee of success. We have seen many times the stage couple of Guranda Gabunia and Otar Meghvinetukhucesi and much has been written about it. “Memoirs” is really an  actors’ performance, some kind of “master-class”, when two great actors suggest not only comprehensive, author’s interpretation, but also the complex technology that implies the feeling of the partner along with sense of  stage life. Sara Bernar’s  - Guranda Gabunia’s  “Aparte” , required by the dramatist’s text, Pitu – Otar Meghvinetukhucesi opposes the style of acting, when he is a participant of Sara’s all monologues, even when his is just present on the stage as the second character.  Pitu’s and Sara’s relations are quite enigmatic. Guranda Gabunia with the help of the director (I. Gogia) finds expressive means and nuances, hand motion and gesture, rhythm and voice, that allows to be at the same time completely different – Sara’s mother, sister, acted by her characters – Ferda, Margarita and others. Otar Meghvinetukhucesi is not only a partner in this performance. According to the play he appears as a secondary character. But this great actor has created a character equal to the main personage. Pitu is often Sara Bernar’s opposite side, sometimes he is her alter ego. During the whole performance there is permanent transformation, acted with unsurpassed skill. For Sara today is the same as yesterday, full of memories, the broiling sun and an umbrella…

“You shouldn’t wait for death, you should live!” – so Sara Bernar and Guranda Gabunia are going to continue living.



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