Non-youthful Young Audience Theatre
21-06-2013, 20:13
Author:  Tea Kakhiani

The letter concerns a performance “Irine’s Happiness” staged by the new manager of the theatre, Dimitri Khvtisiashvili, and other general problems, existing  in the theatre.

Interpretations of the plays by Davit Kldiashvili have become the subject of daring searches in the modern theatre. Staged in Young Audience Theatre “Irine’s Happiness”, the main theme of which is a status of women deprived of their rights and a conflict of generations,  can’t message the actuality in the modern form. It doesn’t take into consideration values and taste of the modern audience, especially young one. The director chooses too traditional and a bit archaic way of implementation of the play.

We think that the creative team of the theatre should make more daring decisions and keep at some distance from the traditional theatrical forms. The generation, which is used to getting information by internet and watching 3D films, shouldn’t take a theatrical performance for an exotic show.

Besides, it is essential to update general esthetics of the theatre, including quite old interior, in order to make the theatre closer to the youth and their view. 

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